Become A Healthier You

Get the expert training you need with comfort, safety, & motivation. 

Expert advice, personalized training plans, and accountability are key components to achieving your goals. YMCA personal trainers offer all of this and more, committed to helping you meet your goals and live healthier. Your trainer will work with you to create a custom program, as unique as your goals on live video or in-person on your schedule.

Whether you’re just starting out, recovering from an injury or kicking your workout up a notch, we’re here to support you every step of the way with individualized instruction, motivation, and support. 

Y Personal Training packages are fully customizable. Your sessions can include cardiovascular training, strength machines, free-weight training, balance and stability, core training, sports training, functional fitness, and nutrition counseling.

To get started, visit the Front Desk or email our Healthy Living Director, Andrea Sertell, at

Personal Training Rates

Meet with our personal trainers and take your workout to the next level. You can also opt for Sport Specific Training (Ages 13 and up). 

Members: 1 hour for $35 or 10 one hour sessions for $300

Program Participants: 1 hour for $65 or 10 one hour sessions for $550

For every ten sessions, participants will receive a FREE Nutrition Session with a Blanchard Valley Dietitian. Additional sessions with the dietitian can be purchased for $40 for members or $80 for nonmembers.

For appointments contact Andrea Sertell, Healthy Living Director at 419-422-4424 or email at

Individual Training

One-on-one sessions of personal training for those taking their workout to the next level or Sport Specific Training (13 & Up) for the athlete.

  • Fee:
    • Members: 1/$35 or 10/$300
    • Program Participants: 1/$65 or 10/$550

Group Training

Two is better than one. Bring a workout buddy and get the same intense personal training you would get one-on-one but have some extra motivation.

  • Fee for 2:
    • Members Only: 1/$35 or 10/$350

Complimentary Wellness Checks

Body Composition Check

Find your fat percentage which is a great guide to enhance your personal well-being. Make an appointment with one of our Wellness Center Staff. Downtown & East Branch. Free for Members Only.

Blood Pressure Check

Available upon request in the Wellness Center.

NEW! Health Coaching

Meet with Audra Oglesbee, FMCHC, for individually focused sessions on reaching your optimal health. Whether you want to focus on nutrition, fitness, or overall well-being, let Audra help personalize a plan for you.

Members Only
$35 per session or 3 sessions for $90

Fill out a Health Coaching form at the front desk or contact Andrea Sertell, Healthy Living Director at 419-422-4424 or by email at