Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of passionate, dedicated, and focused individuals.  Working with each other and with the community, our team's knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for community members, Findlay YMCA members, and program participants, as we work to create a Y for ALL.


image of stephanie parsons

Stephanie Parsons 

(419) 422-4424 Ext 131

Executive Assistant

Image of Vicki Montgomery

Vicki Montgomery

419-422-4424 Ext 121

Vice President of Finance

Image of Mike Brown

Mike Brown

419-422-4424 Ext 114

Child Development District Director

image of Kari Harrison Redman

Kari Harrison Redman

419-422-4424 Ext 319 

Child Development Administrative Director

Image of Nicole Gosche

Nicole Gosche

419-422-4424 Ext 117

Child Development Operations Director

Photo of Heather Moore

Heather Moore

419-422-4424 Ext 318

Human Resources Director

photo of Barb Sharrer

Barb Sharrer

(419) 422-4424 Ext 137

Development Director

picture of sierra hutton

Sierra Hutton

419-422-4424 Ext 

Communications Director

image of Jenni Staude

Jenni Staude

419-422-4424 Ext 138

Membership & Marketing Outreach Director

image of Derek Draper

Derek Draper

419-422-4424 Ext 113

Membership Experience Director

Image of Kelly Gastio

Kelly Gastio

419-422-4424 Ext 132

Membership Coordinator

Photo of Allison Spradling

Allison Spradling

419-422-4424 Ext 122

Downtown Senior Program Director

Image of Chandlar Cramer

Chandlar Cramer

419-422-4424 Ext 126

East Branch Senior Program Director

Image of Jerry McNamee

Jerry McNamee

419-422-4424 Ext 219

Aquatics Director/FROGS Swim Coach

Image of Katie Nielson

Katie Nielson

419-422-4424 Ext 111

Healthy Living Director

Image of Andrea Sertell

Andrea Sertell

419-422-4424 Ext 119

Feed-A-Child Coordinator

Y logo photo coming soon

Heather Franks


Facilities Director

Y logo photo coming soon

Kurt Roszman

419-422-4424 Ext 116

Facilities Coordinator

image of John Boroff

John Boroff

Join the Team

Come to work each day knowing that what you do has an impact on the lives of the people in your community. 

Room To Grow

Some of our senior leadership team began as swim instructors or camp counselors. When you work at the Y, you will be encouraged to try new things and grow your career. We have a solid reputation for hiring good people who do great things.

Room To Grow

Numerous Benfits

When you work for the Y, we offer you all the perks of being a Y member including access to all three facilities plus discounts on classes, child care, and camp. Starting 2022, we offer benefits for our full-time staff AND our part-time staff like PTO and retirement!

free ymca membership

Great Coworkers

Everyone that works at the Y shares a passion for making their communities a better place, especially for kids and families. Don't be surprised if you gain great professional experience and a new BFF in the process.

Best Coworkers Ever

Flexible Schedules

With a variety of part-time and full-time positions available, working at the Y is ideal for students and non-students alike.

Flexible Schedules