School Age Sports


Petite Ballet

This is an introductory ballet class for younger children. Students learn age-appropriate basic dance techniques at the ballet barre and in the center. A creative and supportive setting fosters the child’s understanding and enjoyment of ballet movement. Students who are 6 years old do not need to have taken a previous pre-ballet class.

Beginning Ballet

These classes include classical ballet technique for ages 7-13. Includes classical technique but incorporates a contemporary combination at the end of each class to explore the artistic and creative side of this classical dance form.


Rookies Basketball

Does your son/daughter enjoy playing basketball? Enroll him or her today in our instructional youth basketball class. This class will work with experienced coaches to develop their basketball skills in an environment that encourages praise and positive reinforcement. Hoops will be set at 8 fee

Rookies Soccer

Does your son/daughter enjoy playing soccer? Enroll him or her today in our instructional youth soccer class. This class will work with experienced coaches to develop their soccer skills in an environment that encourages praise and positive reinforcement. Size 3 balls will be used. Shin guards are recommended.

Champions Basketball

Training is all about improving the skills and fundamentals of our players in a more personalized setting. The workouts are hour-long sessions dedicated to 100% skill development and typically cover shooting, ball handling, passing, athleticism, defense, and/or other important basketball skills and strategies.

Intro to Gymnastics

Geared toward new students who want to learn the basics of gymnastics. Our program is a fun way for children to learn gymnastics while gaining confidence, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Gymnastics I

Gymnastics I is geared toward children who have mastered the basics of gymnastics and want to begin to learn more difficult skills. Classes will include skill training as well as some strength and conditioning.


A method of self-defense and an Olympic sport, judo progressively develops falling, throwing and grappling techniques and stresses balance, timing, conditioning and cooperation with a partner.

Speed and Agility Training

For ages 9-13 years. Want to increase your performance level in the areas of speed, agility, quickness and/or conditioning? No matter the sport, our training program is equipped with knowledgeable, skilled and seasoned trainers to take you to that next level of performance. This program focuses on the participants speed and agility as well as every aspect of physical performance, and will incorporate the essentials of speed training.

Champs Tennis

A great first tennis experience for children ages 4-6. This is modified program teaching teamwork, socializing with other children, fine motor skills, proper etiquette. Parents will find this class to be a good stepping stone for Red Ball.  All equipment provided. 

Red Ball Tennis

Red Ball utilizes a 36’ court , slightly larger ball size and smaller racquets so the game is the perfect size for children ages 8 and under and have graduated from one full year of CHAMPS.  Children will learn skills that include throwing, catching, ball and racquet coordination, foot-eye skills and more. Prepares  these participants for Orange Ball.  Rules of the sport and good sportsmanship are included in this fun curriculum. Recommended racquet size 21”-23”.

Orange Ball Tennis 

Children ages 9-10that have graduated from a full season of Red Ball are eligible to enroll in this class. They will begin to learn better stroke mechanics such as serving, volleying, while improving technique on groundstrokes.  Students are exposed to live point play and competition on a 60’ court with reduced-compression tennis balls. Recommended racquet size 23”-25”.

Green Ball Tennis

Ages 10 and up. A transition to a full 78’ court is the key difference in this class. The ball is near full-compression and racquet size is full length so power becomes an important skillset.  Curriculum focuses on improvement on serving, groundstrokes, volleys and strategy.  Racquets are recommended.  Proper court shoes should be worn.  For those who have graduated from at least one year of Orange Ball. 

Junior Level 5 Tennis

Designed for teens that are new to the game or those who have graduated from 1 yar of Green Ball. Participants must be able to serve consistently and have a complete understanding of score keeping and the rules of the game. Minimum 27” racquet required.

Junior Level 6 Tennis

Invitation Only - Must Register through Bob Cook - 419-422-9922 or email at

Private Tennis Lessons for Youth 

Private lessons are available to all ages. All private lesson will be paid for 24 hours in advance of your lesson. Private lessons are taught by YMCA employees only. Contact Bob Cook for more information on Private Lessons at 419-422-9922 or