School Age Health & Wellness


The Findlay YMCA’s interactive game room for kid’s ages 8-13 years is a great addition to the Y for this age group. Children under 10 MUST be signed in and out by a parent. Parents are able to drop their kids off to have their own fun “workout” while they workout in the wellness center. There is a horizontal climbing wall, TWall, 3-Kick, and 2 Exercise Bikes that hook up to an X-Box.

If you’re looking to host a group in our Y-PAC it’s a great opportunity to get everyone moving


Monday-Thursday: 4:30-8 pm
Saturday’s 8:30-11:15 am

Summer and School Cancellation/Break Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9 am-12:15 pm
Monday-Thursday: 4:30-8 pm

Y-PAC Fit Club

Get your kids moving with their own fitness class! The Fit Club is for kid’s ages 7-13 years using the Y-PAC equipment & other fitness equipment. Each week has a different focus: cardio, upper body fitness, agility, flexibility, and more. The kids will get fitness charms each week to show their hard work and dedication to the program and their health.

Homeschool Gym

The YMCA provides students in homeschool an opportunity to improve their strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and energy through various forms of physical fitness, games, and activities. This will also give them an opportunity to socialize with their peers. For children ages:

5th Quarter

All students grade 5-8th grade can come to the Y after every home Friday night Findlay High School football and basketball game. Kids can enjoy the Y-PAC, both gyms, bounce house, racquetball courts, and FREE pizza from 9-11 pm.