Healthy Kids Week: Recipe for STRONG MINDS AND BODIES

April 23, 2021


Challenging Outdoor Craft: kids can create and challenge their minds so much more at the Findlay YMCA Summer Day Camp. Registration is open now!

The STEM Hammock Challenge:



Picky Eaters? Check out these tips on encouraging kids to eat healthier:

  • Give kids some power to choose – a fun recipe, a new fruit or veggie as a side dish or even the theme of the meal
  • Serve meals family-style
  • Build on the familiar – pair new foods with those they already love
  • Focus on mealtime – not the meal
  • Add some novelty to foods such as fun shapes
  • Set kids up to have healthy attitudes towards food – Don’t put labels on foods such as “bad” or “good”
  • Encourage kids to try foods at least once
  • Involve kids in the cooking process – did you know kids are more likely to try foods they helped prepared? 
  • Register for our Summer Camp Kids Cooking 

CHALLENGE: make and try a new recipe as a family and share it with Findlay YMCA by tagging us on Facebook!