Tennis & Pickleball News – March 2021

February 28, 2021

Youth tennis classes are currently at peak winter demand, with 6 hours of instructional programming offered weekly. Because FHS and UF use our courts daily, many of our youth tennis activities have moved to Saturdays to accommodate the activities of these important community partners. 

Adult tennis is in full swing, with the recent culmination of the first annual YMCA Winter Doubles Classic – which, from this time forward, will establish our YMCA Champions for the indoor tennis season.  Winners of this inaugural event are: 

  • Ladies 6.0 – Kristin Wright / Lisa Vick
  • Ladies 7.0 – Jenica Jacobs / Kelley Powell
  • Ladies 8.0 – Corinne Hoffman / Keyoku Kuyama
  • Men’s 6.0 – Tom Humphreys / Dave Burget
  • Men’s 7.0 – BJ Preston / JJ Preston
  • Men’s 8.0 – Brent Harris / Ian Laird. 

This important annual event raised over $800 for our tennis program - WOW !!  We’re looking forward to more of these worthwhile events in 2021 😊

TennisFit has been our highest-demand adult class this winter.  Winter Session #2 will offer TennisFit 3 times each week:  Tuesdays 8am; Wednesdays 7pm; Fridays 8am. Sign up today by contacting either Findlay YMCA location.

Winter also means USTA Mixed Doubles season.  Home matches are played on weekends at the East Branch Tennis Center.  Many of our members participate in these fun, competitive leagues.  Good luck this season to our members!

Pickleball at the Findlay YMCA continues to be a popular event for adults of all ages.  With 15 hours of program play each week for $25 per session, this is perhaps the best value at the Findlay Y! Using a ‘rise and fall’ method of rotating players, everyone is guaranteed fun, exercise and a good game of ‘pickle’!

Racquets/paddles are recommended for all court sport participants. Members can contact Bob Cook for equipment and program information at