Paul's Final CEO Message

September 7, 2020


To members, staff, and stakeholders,

Over the past two and a half years we have had many opportunities to communicate.  I believe the casual communication in our facilities has been the part of the job that I have enjoyed the most.  Seeing regular members at 5:00am and throughout the day, learning a little about each other through personal stories and experiences has helped me grow in the job and has added purpose to my work life.  I have also found that intentional communication through these written messages and newsletters has been effective for me to communicate to the larger Findlay Family YMCA family.  This will be my last written message, so I hope I get it right as I attempt to communicate just how grateful I am for the support and kindness I have enjoyed. 

As you probably know, I was not looking for a job in May of 2018, but I feel blessed that this job found me.  What an incredible opportunity to work with a cause-driven organization.  Members and staff alike are committed to improving quality of life for themselves and the community.  We have been challenged this year by a crisis that has caused each of us to think differently about how we live our lives and how we deliver on our important mission.  All I asked from our staff was to develop and execute a plan, find innovative ways to deliver on our mission and follow all the necessary protocols to protect those entering our facilities.  Pretty easy. Right??  Simply put, I asked each staff member to give us everything they had, be safe, be excellent, and be kind.  To the person, I believe our team did everything I asked of them and more.  I am honored and proud to be a part of this team and this membership.  

Now, I look forward to being an active member of the Findlay Family YMCA.  I will still be here many mornings at 5:00am but it will be in a different role.  I do expect to be greeted with an enthusiastic “Good morning” and a smile from one of the many staff members who I have come to call friend.  

I am excited to see all the great ideas Steve Crone will be bringing to our Y through his many successful years in YMCA leadership.  He is joining an organization with generous and engaged members and a team of highly competent and principled leaders.  

Thanks for giving me memories that I will hold close forever.