Fall 2020 | Tennis Update

August 10, 2020
Fall Session #1 of the YMCA Tennis Program will start September 8th at Donnell Middle School!
This session will run thru October 24th.
As all of you are aware, every facet of life, both personal and private, has been affected somehow by the COVID-19 virus.  Fortunately, the sport of tennis is one of the safest forms of exercise in the current climate.  In addition, here’s a brief rundown of the precautions I’ve taken with all tennis classes this summer: 
  • Class sizes have been reduced to increase the distance between players.  
  • Hand-sanitizing station is available. 
  • 'No touch' allowances for those choosing to avoid touching the tennis balls during serving and pick-up. 
You may notice that I have excluded RedBall from the list of classes offered this fall.  Of all classes I teach, this age group (8-under) is the most challenging to corral and maintain a safe distance from one another.  I will resume the RedBall program as the dangers surrounding COVID-19 are eliminated.  
I’m very aware reducing class sizes does not allow as many students/players to register. I’m sorry if you can’t get in the class you want at this time, but my top responsibility has always been the safety of all my students.  Please be patient as we all work through these challenging times.  
There is no pickleball programming in the Fall Session #1.  This is not due to COVID-19.  Normally, we do not offer programming for pickleball until Fall Session #2, which begins in late October when the weather takes a more permanent turn for the worse.
Please Bob Cook if you have questions about current or upcoming YMCA tennis activities.