Diabetes Program Testimonial

September 27, 2019

Brenda May, one of our most dedicated members, found the support she needed in our Diabetes Program to turn her health in the right direction. Here is her testimonial:

"I've been diabetic since my mid-twenties. At first, I was in denial and didn't really try to take care of myself. It really took some time to realize I was only hurting myself. I started to make little changes to help get me back on track, and it was a big struggle. You can try to learn all you can but it's very overwhelming. After different doctors, different medications I ended up with Dr. Grace, and what a Godsend that was. I was pretty excited when he told me about a program he was getting started for people who needed a little help with their diabetes. I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't know if I would be learning stuff I already knew, but hoping it was new stuff to get me on the right track. The program was great. I learned a lot of new things and some stuff I knew. It made me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. For me, it was strength training/weights. I wasn't crazy about working out, but for me, that was the component I was missing.

The group offered a free trainer to help educate and keep you on track. When I started seeing results, and not just weight loss, but my A1C went way down. The lowest I have ever seen it, I was hooked and maybe just a bit obsessed. I've always had issues staying motivated to work out. Through the group, I learned it's essential, and anything you enjoy doing that gets you moving and your heart rate is working out. I've also walked away with some great friends. I had an awesome trainer and I really learned a lot from him. I'm not afraid of weights anymore, still building up to go into the weight room, but I know I'll get there. The Y staff is awesome. They made us feel welcomed. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone."

Our Diabetes Prevention Program is free and welcomes all. For more information, contact Chandlar Cramer at ccramer@findlayymca.com or (419) 422-4424.