TennisFit at the Findlay YMCA

August 30, 2019

TennisFit combines the best of both worlds – the hitting of a lot of tennis balls and constant cardio-intensive exercise. 

The popularity of TennisFit is due to the lack of previous tennis experience! No tennis scoring is used, none of the conventional strategies are important to your success, and perhaps most importantly, a regulatory yellow tennis ball is not used! Instead, think of an aerobics class combined with the use of a racquet in everyone’s hand, and finally, throw in a softer orange tennis ball that encourages longer rallies. These important tweaks in the design are what make this a fun activity for both tennis and fitness enthusiasts.  TennisFit is scheduled for Fridays at 9 am at the Y Tennis Center.  Our first class is on September 6.

 NOTE: HIT Tennis is not part of the regular tennis program, and it does not feature a unique method of presentation that sets it apart from other conventional tennis classes.  HIT Tennis is taught only part of the indoor season by Jim Hayes as a supplemental activity for those members that want another opportunity to play tennis without having to find their own group of players.