Facilities September Update

August 30, 2019

Our Facilities team, led by Randy Lawless, are quite the busy bees this time of year! 

During the month of August, they took on the task of draining and cleaning the popular East Pool and Whirpool. They thoroughly scrubbed the pool, whirlpool, and pool deck, ensuring the surface is sparkling and completely disinfected. They also replaced the lights and ballast to maintain premium visibility for our swim lessons and regular pool-goers. Another priority was painting different areas around the pool including the bright yellow vents above the pool. For our hot tub enthusiasts, the main priority was completely servicing the whirlpool to promote longevity of the equipment.

Come September, the goal of the Facilities team is to service the structures of the East and West Gym Structures in preparation for the coming Adult Basketball leagues! They will also be cleaning the HVAC ducts thoroughly.

We want to say a grateful thank-you to our members for remaining patient during the last two weeks of August. Our staff is working diligently to provide a safe, welcoming environment, and we hope you have a fantastic start to this school year!