Summer 2019 CEO Report

August 8, 2019

Dear members, staff, directors, and supporters of the Findlay Family YMCA,

We would like to provide a mid-year update on the Findlay Family YMCA programs, activities, and plans for the balance of 2019. We would also like to
recognize our staff, members, supporters, and volunteers for your unwavering support. Membership fees and generous support through our annual campaign allow  the Findlay Family YMCA to execute our mission and deliver on our cause to “Strengthen Community” through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. We are committed to creating a culture grounded in Kindness and focused on achieving Excellence. There is much to do and many opportunities for improvement but with your encouragement to continue what is working and constructive feedback identifying what needs to improve we will collectively move forward on our journey to Excellence.

The following bullet narrative will briefly cover many of our initiatives and describe the Findlay YMCA current condition. Please reach out to me for more detail on these topics and others that may be of concern. Feedback is a gift and a privilege of membership. My hope is that you have found our team responsive to your concerns and please know that we are committed to improve communication and response to your feedback.

  • Thank you for completing the member satisfaction and employee engagement
    surveys. The survey feedback was direct and respectful. We heard many
    positive comments about our staff and programming. We were also presented
    with many opportunities for improvement. Most frequent themes were related
    to communication, housekeeping, and programming. We have already begun
    to address these issues. The survey feedback requiring long term solutions will
    be used as input into strategic planning activities beginning in late August. 
  • We have received positive feedback from participants in the merged childcare
    and summer camp programming. Participation was very high, and most
    comments were very positive. Our plans are to do a program assessment
    immediately after the completion of summer camp to capture opportunities for
    improvement for the 2020 season. 
  • The Riverside morning swim lesson program in collaboration with the City of
    Findlay was quite successful. The program offered very affordable swim
    lessons to all children in the community. We will offer the program again in
    2020 with a greater emphasis on the extremely low cost for participation. 
  • Summer outdoor tennis programming at Donnell courts was well attended. We
    are committed to create a thriving 12-month tennis offering for the entire
    community. YMCA tennis programming has grown significantly through the
    efforts of our staff and collaboration with community stakeholders. Strong
    partnerships with the University of Findlay and Findlay City Schools have been
    developed. Congratulations to both programs for highly successful 2019
  • Many members take advantage of the Discovery Center and weekend child
    programming. We are proud of this programming and hopeful that it meets the
    needs of young parents. 
  • We are pleased with the exterior improvements at the East Branch. Already
    completed tree trimming, landscaping completed with the help of volunteers,
    and a much-needed repaving of the drive and parking area scheduled for
    September should provide an excellent experience for members, staff, and
  • The 2019 decision to keep our facilities open through August without the
    annual shutdown is being executed using a “rolling shutdown” approach. We
    are certain that members have experienced minor inconvenience due to
    facilities or equipment being out of service. We hope that these minor
    disruptions are preferred to a total one-week shutdown at our three
    buildings. We also believe that this approach will improve reliability and
    appearance. We will be closing the east pool downtown for two weeks in
    August (8/19-9/3) for extensive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. 
  • The wellness staff has been busy creating innovative programming to support
    health and wellness for all ages and interests. There are running classes for
    young school age children, group exercises for every interest and fitness level,
    and individual/group personal training offerings. Please check with the
    wellness staff to learn more about the many programs.  
  • We are quite proud of the progress at the child development center. The staff
    at the CDC has achieved a new level of quality recognition from the state Step
    Up to Quality assessment program. The center is now a 2-Star rated facility
    with a plan to achieve the top 5-Star status by summer of 2020. There are still
    a few openings in the preschool age program. Please reach out to the CDC
    staff for details on application to the program. 
  • The youth sports programming is set for another busy year. Participation is
    always high in all our seasonal programs. We are grateful for the large group
    of volunteer coaches and officials. We encourage all our participants to
    consider the value of family membership. Program discounts and multiple
    program offerings provide exceptional opportunities for active families.

This summary of activities is meant to provide a sample of the many things happening at your YMCA. We look forward to seeing you at our facilities and
hearing your suggestions to help make your YMCA deliver excellence to our members and our community.

Paul Worstell