March 2019 News from the CEO

March 11, 2019

Dear Members, Staff, Directors, and Supporters of the Findlay Family YMCA,
We would like to thank you for your support and provide an update on activities at
your YMCA.
Utilization at our two branches and the Child Development Center has been high
during January and February. We believe a focus on wellness, youth basketball
leagues, new aquatics and tennis programming, family weekend activities, and
extended hours contribute to the increased activity.
I would like to discuss a few changes that have been implemented in 2019 with the
focus on improved member satisfaction. We encourage feedback related to these
changes. Feedback is a gift and a privilege of membership. We appreciate your
willingness to guide our decision making.
 We have received positive feedback on extended operating hours at both
branches and additional pool hours.
 Soon, you will notice deployment of the “rolling shutdown” maintenance
strategy. The approach will be to take sections of our facilities out of service
on a regular basis. Optimally, something will be “shutdown” at all times, but
we will not take a full facility shutdown for a week in the summer. This
approach will also include exercise equipment. The first noticeable action will
be the closing of the member stairwell at the downtown branch for a few days
in mid-March. Our belief is that this approach to long term maintenance
planning will improve the appearance and reliability of the facilities while
increasing member satisfaction.
We are excited about the opportunity to expand tennis and aquatics programming
throughout the community this summer. There will be more information provided as
we move forward but look for expanded activities using partner facilities at Riverside
pool, the University of Findlay and Findlay High School.
 On March 6 we launched our schedule and sign-up for summer camp. The
summer camp program has become quite popular and is a credit to our
directors and highly competent staff. Delivering quality summer camp
programming is a 12-month commitment. Our returning summer staff
members joined by first year staff build a strong cohort that improves every
year with a focus on excellence.
 The team of wellness coaches and instructors are delivering excellence every
day. We are blessed to have these dedicated role models. Our exercise,
aerobic and yoga instructors have been the life-blood of our wellness
initiatives for years.
 Both youth and adult tennis programs are thriving at the East Branch. We are
pleased to have our college and high school teams (all YMCA members)
sharing our facilities. These are important community partnerships. We are
pleased to support the needs of the growing pickle ball community. I am
grateful for the kindness of all those using the east branch courts.
 We are experiencing a significant increase in usage at our pools. The new
master's program is quite popular. Our swimmers are also showing respect
and kindness in modifying their routines to share the space.
 In January we introduced “evidence based” wellness initiatives in collaboration
with Blanchard Valley Health System. There are two different programs.
 A comprehensive approach to diabetes management provides testing,
monitoring and support from the BVHS diabetes clinic and YMCA wellness
programming delivered by our healthy living director and personal
trainers. The group meets weekly at the Downtown YMCA.
 We also have an exciting evidence-based program designed to deliver
programming in small 5-person groups. Again, we are collaborating with BVHS
to collect and report data to the participants on cholesterol and blood
glucose. Our wellness team delivers personal training 2 days a week for the
groups and provides weekly guidance on exercise and nutrition. We support
participants by assisting with testing and tracking trend data on
measurements of strength, flexibility, BP, and weight.
We apologize for the inconvenience created by much needed paving improvements
at the East Branch. Temporary patching was done in early February. A plan is being
developed for upgrades this summer.
Much of the change in 2019 is intended to grow membership. Please support your Y
by assisting us in this initiative. Invite friends to participate and experience all the
benefits to YMCA membership. We also want to know what we can do to remove
barriers to membership. How might we deliver more value to you and prospective
Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Findlay Family YMCA as we execute our
Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build strong
spirit, mind, and body for all. While we know there are many opportunities to
improve, please know that we are committed to building strong member satisfaction
through a focus on Excellence and Kindness.

Paul Worstell