Members and Guests

Important Message

January 21, 2019

We hope everyone is enjoying the programming at the YMCA as we move into 2019 with high expectations for improved “spirit, mind, and body for all.” With our mission as context I am disappointed to find the need for this communication. 

Over the past several weeks we have experienced a significant increase in theft. The thefts have occurred most often in the men’s locker room. We have heightened our observations and walk-throughs, but we would ask that you also raise awareness. First, please protect your valuables by either locking them in your vehicle or securing them in a locker with a personal lock. 

I pray that our core beliefs will continue to guide the thoughts and actions of all who enter our facilities. We are committed to protecting your safety and property. But our higher aspiration is that our YMCA culture will inspire each of us to continually become a better version of ourselves. 

Paul Worstell, CEO