Be Our Guest


The Y is a special place for children and teens to grow and learn. It’s where families spend real time together. It’s a place for adults to connect with others to build relationships and friendships.

At the Y, people of all ages connect with friends to pursue better, healthier lives. Your membership will develop youth potential, promote a healthy lifestyle and deliver meaningful, positive change to your neighborhood and community.

Guest Policies

Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are limiting the number of people in our buildings. Guest passes are not for sale at this time, and we will reevaluate according to the State of Ohio's restrictions, Thank you for your understanding!


The YMCA is a private nonprofit membership organization. Adult members may invite an unlimited number of non-members as their guests to the YMCA. The following policies and procedures apply:

Member Guest Passes

  • Guest pass usage is recorded and each guest within Northwest Ohio is limited to a total of 3 visits per the calendar year. Continued use after the three visits would require joining the YMCA.
  • For those guests of members outside of Northwest Ohio, there is a limit of 3 free passes. After the 3rd visit guests may purchase unlimited day passes.
  • A member can be accompanied by either 2 individual guests or one family during a single visit. Members must be present with their guests, to use free guest pass.
  • Guest ages 16 and over must present a photo ID if not accompanied by an adult/guardian.
  • Guest under the age of 16 must be signed in by an adult/guardian if do not have an ID.
  • Inappropriate guest behavior may result in a loss of membership privileges for the sponsoring member.
  • Guests must sign in, agreeing to uphold the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Guest information and photo will be kept on file by the YMCA.
  • The definition of a family guest pass is at least one ‘guest’ parent or guardian with dependent children.

YMCA Members from YMCA’s

We are allowing YMCA members from other OHIO YMCAs currently, but not those from out-of-state. Thank you for your understanding!

Bring your membership card and photo ID and enjoy free access to every Y in the United States. Some restrictions apply. Participants must use at least 50% of the time at their home Y. Members from other Y’s wishing to take programs are welcome to –and can sign up during nonmember registration.

Day Passes

  • Nonmember pass must be purchased at the front desk of either location. (Limited to 3 visits per the calendar year if living within Northwest Ohio)
  • Nonmember outside of Northwest can utilize unlimited paid day passes.
  • Nonmember fees are as followed:
    • Youth (under the age of 18) - $5.00
    • College (full time and under the age of 25) - $7.00
    • Adult - $10.00
    • Family - $20.00
  • Nonmember ages 16 and over must present a photo ID.
  • Nonmembers under the age of 16 must present a photo ID or be signed in by an adult/guardian.
  • Nonmembers must sign in, agreeing to uphold the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Day pass user’s information and photo will be kept on file by the YMCA.
  • Failing to uphold the YMCA’s core values will result in immediate necessary action.
  • Up to 3 Nonmember day pass fees may be applied to a membership within 30 days of joining the YMCA.