History of our YMCA

to the East Branch and a quiet campaign to raise $500,000 toward the completion of Phase III was begun.

2004: The YMCA and Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center entered into an agreement that would provide the YMCA an easement to access 40’ of BVHA land north of the East Branch facility to build an access road to the newly designed facility. $500,000 was raised toward Phase III construction and work began. The East Branch closed completely from June 27, 2004 until October, when the tennis courts were re-opened.

2005: The entire East Branch facility became available. The new facilities included five indoor tennis courts, a TechnoGym fitness Center, free weight room, all-purpose room used for Judo and Cycling Programs, aerobic room, locker rooms and parking for 85 cars.

2007: The Mary Brenner Child Development Center went through a renovation to replace outdated heating and air conditioning systems.

Flooding of the Blanchard River causes the worst flood damage in 100 years. YMCA staff join the city’s rescue teams using the YMCA as a point of shelter for responders and YMCA buses as transportation for flood victims being moved to the CUBE. The YMCA flooded with 6.5 feet of water, destroying all mechanical systems, meeting rooms and offices on the lower level and forcing the YMCA to close for two weeks before operations were to continue.

2008: The recession took hold of Findlay and any plans of rebuilding after the flood were postponed. In the face of the poor economy the YMCA instead elected to reduce membership fees in an effort to provide residents better access to continues services. Offices were rebuilt on the first floor where a chapel and youth department once stood.

2009: The YMCA continues to subsidize membership in a poor economy and a strategic planning process begins to address the next three years of recovery from the floods and the impact of the recession.

2010: The YMCA turned to meeting its social responsibilities, addressing hardships that came because of the floods and the poor economy. The YMCA took over operation of the Riverside Community Swimming Pool, and the City Day Camp Program when the City of Findlay announced they could no longer run these facilities and programs.

2011: The YMCA Board of Directors performed a feasibility study with the help of Jerold Panas, Linzey & Partners to determine if the community would support a capital campaign to repair the flood damaged YMCA and erect a new Youth wing to serve the children of the Findlay community. The results of the Feasibility Study were positive, but the board elected to postpone the project until local economic conditions improved and to allow other campaigns underway in Findlay to complete their projects.

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