2021 Fastest Mile Challenge


Who has the “Fastest Mile”?

Vote, by donating, for your favorite competitor, and supporting the Y’s Annual Campaign, the competitor with the most donations will be awarded as having the “Fastest Mile."

Donations accepted from November 30th (Giving Tuesday) – December 7th

 All proceeds will go directly to our 2021 Annual Campaign - supporting community initiatives like Feed-A-Child, Y On The Fly, Foster Community Scholarships for foster families, reduced membership and childcare, and more! Thank you for supporting our mission to build a stronger, healthier community in Hancock County.

Donate to your favorite competitor through our PayPal link, live beginning November 30th.
With any questions, please contact: Jennifer Treece, Development Director - jtreece@findlayymca.com


Introducing Our Competitors

Meet our competitors and find their answers to our questions:

Why do you think you have the “Fastest Mile?"
Why are you helping to raise funds for our Y? 

"If I can run 26.2 miles, 1 mile is nothing."

"I am helping to raise funds for the Y because the YMCA is my community. I love our mission statement “for all” and raising funds make that possible and allow our amazing Y family/community to grow." 

"I am fairly certain I will NOT have the fastest mile, but I am excited to give it a try. I am relatively new to rowing but have really enjoyed it so far. It’s a great low-impact sport that provides incredible health benefits. I have a few friends that are also into rowing, so I am geared up to see if I can print a good time. Thankfully, the Y has several rowing machines, so I just need to pick the right one that will help me get across the finish line the fastest."

"My family and I moved to Findlay three years ago. We were so grateful to find such an amazing organization offering multiple facilities with a wide variety of exercise options. Being new to cold weather, having an outlet for fun activities in an indoor setting helped with our transition. Additionally, my whole family enjoys tennis, so when we heard the East Branch had six indoor courts, we were sold!

The Y provides such a positive environment. We were made to feel welcome from day one and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the incredibly friendly staff. Getting to see a positive and encouraging message at the door each time we arrive also makes us feel at home. We are thrilled to do whatever we can to support this foundational community partner." 

"My swim mile time will be "fastest" to only a few, but at least I can try to make it MY fastest mile.  At least I always have a goal that is just out of my reach!

 The YMCA mission and families it reaches and helps is far more than most realize.  The Y fills an important role in our community and it's so much more than a "gym", they need our help and every little bit anyone can do is hugely impactful.  The Y has a great swim facility, lessons, and staff that can be of service to anyone at any swim level."

"Two reasons: 1) two wheels are just too fast for these other competitors to keep up, and 2) two words: Broken. Chain. Just as I was finishing up, my chain apparently had had enough and just snapped!  

I am helping to raise funds for the Y as a chance to give back to an organization and community that has given our family so much.  The Y provided so many opportunities for our family - workouts over lunch, swim lessons for the kids, spin classes, basketball leagues, tumbling, group exercise classes, soccer, and so much more.  My personal favorite program was Adventure Guides, which gave me a chance to spend quality time with both my kids doing fun activities including camping, horseback rides, ice skating, pinewood derby, fishing, and many more.  I really hope more people take advantage of this program - it's a great way to have fun and enjoy time with your kids!"

"As a personal trainer, I love helping everyone achieve their own “Fastest Mile.”   

The Y was very important to my personal & physical development as a child and I want to contribute to ensuring they do the same for future generations." 

"I might not have the fastest mile, but I will have the support of my family and community to push me through it.

I am helping to raise funds for the Y because I believe in their mission and it is a great resource when raising a family. From the CDC to all of the youth sports and activities that they have available. My family has enjoyed participating in the youth basketball program specifically. The staff is AMAZING and the environment created is not just about the activity, but it is about having an impact on the lives of every child who walks through their doors."

I'm not sure I have the Fastest Mile, but it's not bad for an old man!

The Findlay YMCA is a great organization.  I have very fond memories of playing indoor tennis with my son at the Y when he was growing up.  It led to his future career as a tennis teaching professional.